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Art Direction, Branding, Advertising
Graphic Design, Art Direction, Advertising
This is the most beautiful note-taking Notebook. It is like a business model since a notebook holds your ideas, thoughts, and memories. You can add custom notebook covers like me and try to do your own. But this is definitely interesting and eye catching, because you can write on it and draw on it. It’s more, it’s special. It’s unique. Put it on top of your things and look what will come out. It’s so cute and fancy. Just do it!
Graphic Design, Industrial Design, Web Design
Logo Design, Pattern Design, Poster Design
Book Covers
Advertising, App Design, Digital Art
Music, Music Packaging, Poster Design
Graphic Design, Branding, Advertising
Graphic Design, Industrial Design, Fashion
To become the best in the world as a Graphic designer or an artist. We don’t need art history and stuff. We just need to love what we do and the desire to succed. But what we have here is more! Not just simple but also complex! The best Book and the best Author also! I saw and I don’t want to see again how a simple man can give as much, without asking, without even thinking. Why you took the Book? Where is your pride? Where is your stillness? You’re not fair! But you know what? I have it! And when I will die I want to take it with me, cause I will never finish what you started in a thousand years! This Book is forever!
Graphic Design, Cinematography, Typography
Graphic Design, Art Direction, App Design
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